RCP Software creates new innovative IoT products by utilizing SigFox Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows devices and machines to be sensed or controlled remotely across existing network. New energy efficient technologies and radio networks makes it possible to build connectivity also to traditional machines and products. RCP Software has been researching and developing IoT and SigFox technology and company is able to help customers by offering professional design services to utilize new technology.

We started SigFox development even before the network was available in Turku, says Turkka Laakkio, managing director of the company.

–  We sent the first messages to the SigFox network in Turku, just a few minutes after the activation of the network in the fall of 2016. We have used SigFox since in many projects, for example in monitoring applications. Our own device platform is modular and easily customizable for various sensors and environments based on customer needs. In addition of SigFox IoT-device, our solution includes cloud solution with mobile app that allows user to monitor their device information and receive alerts for status changes. With our standalone hardware solution and electronics design, we have been able to optimize power consumption and reliability at the top level that is ideal for the most demanding applications. Our device architecture also supports other radio technologies, e.g. LoRa and we can easily improve reliability in challenging environment by combining several radio technologies and connectivity solutions with SigFox.


Our streamlined prototype design helps significantly in starting projects and decreases product development costs when testing in real environment can be started faster, says sales manager Janne Seittenranta.

– We can now speed up the prototype design with our own mechanical design and 3D printing capabilities in addition to software, electronics and PCB design. We are able to make first prototypes of small gadgets and devices themselves and thus significantly speed up testing in real environment. The customer also gets better understanding about the product at early stage. For the large products and productization we are using our local partners in the field of mechanical design to enable us to respond to larger entities quickly and with high quality. And most importantly, taking advantage of Turku’s excellence, Janne Seittenranta will continue.


We invest in continuous learning

RCP Software Oy participates in the Discover IoT- Industrial Internet Training Program organized by Saranen Consulting Oy. Our trainee Niko Pentti, future IoT expert, is also involved in training program.


SigFox-Technology in Brief:

SigFox is global networking technology which is specifically designed to meet IoT needs. With its simple approach to connectivity, SigFox provides extremely price-competitive connectivity subscriptions. Technology enables extremely simple and cost-efficient silicon modules compared to traditional mobile technology solutions. This makes it possible to enable connectivity to areas never seen before.

Ultra-Narrow band modulation, transmission speed, lightweight protocol and low frequency make the technology energy- efficient, robust, easily covers large areas and passes through solid objects (e.g. buildings).


The Sigfox has been designed to maximize energy efficiency. Most of the time, SigFox device stays in idle and saves it’s battery. Transmission occurs only when the device is programmed or configured to send data, e.g. desired measurement value exceeds the configured limit, based on timer or change in location. Battery lifetime can be more than 10 years depending on transmission cycle.

The network is maintained and operated in Finland by Connected Finland.


SigFox Benefits:

  • Cost-efficient silicon and price-competitive subscriptions
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Long Range
  • Reliable and secure solution



More Information:  www.rcpsw.com/contact-us/

RCP Software Oy, Janne Seittenranta