Electronics Design

From our professional and skilled electronic circuits design team you can get all services related to electronic design: product concepts, product specifications, electronic circuit design, (PWB) printed wiring board design, testing, productization, documentation and, where necessary regulatory approvals. Our engineers have a versatile and long experience of demanding consumer, industrial, and health technology products.


Design according to your needs

We take responsibility for the entire design by providing a turnkey solution. Alternatively, we can carry out part of the design work and thus accelerate our customer’s product development. Examples of areas where we can help are circuit design, PWB design, and manufacturing prototypes. In electronics design we use Mentor Graphics PADS system. 

Our working principles

Electronics design starts with requirements specification. Electronical environment, and possible exposure temperature, moisture, vibration and other environment requirement. These factors affect the choice of components and materials, together with other customer requirements.

The following step is the modeling of components to the design system component library. We acquired the specifications of components from manufacturers and distributors. After component modeling we design circuit diagram and simulate critical parts of the design if necessary.

We use our expertise and requirement specifications to choose the best possible technology for printed wiring board design. For the complete solution we use our partner network for PWB manufacturing and component assembly.

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