Testing Services

Our test services are available for every customer

Thanks to our effective testing services we can shorten our software product development time, which will reduces the cost for the customer. Our test experts can solve problems at an very early stage and you will get your project done on time and cost effectively.

Our Services

Functional Testing

We test your code against functional requirements, we report the problems and if necessary, we will do the appropriate corrective action

Test Automation

Immediate feedback to developers and reduced manual testing will speed-up the release cycle. We give support in creating and maintaining a test environment. We are using the following tools: Robot Framework, Robotium, Appium and Jenkins CI

Performance Testing and Optimization

We will analyze, test and optimize the system performance and device resources against the customer requirements. You will get clear results and our suggestions for improvements

Power Consumption Testing and Optimization

We will test and optimize system and the hardware power consumption. Well optimized power system will extend the device usage time

Thermal Testing and Optimization

We help to keep temperatures under control and user experience in place by our temperature measurements and optimization

Why should you use RCPSW- testing services?

Modern test equipments

We are using modern test equipments and will respond to the customer's testing needs quickly


We report the analyzed results and in user understandable format

Long experience ensures quality

Very experienced test engineers guarantee the best results and cost-effectively

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