Privacy Statement

Register and Privacy Statement

This is the Register and Privacy Statement of RCP Software Oy's Personal Data Act (sections 10 and 24) and the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Created on 18.5.2018.

Updated on 14.1.2022 (Company address)


1. Registrar and contact person

RCP Software Oy
Business ID: 2704803-9
Address: Mustionkatu 2, 20750 Turku
Phone: 050 366 3412
Online Services:,

2. Contact person for registry matters

Turkka Laakkio; phone: +358 50 366 3412

3. The name of the registry

RCP Software Oy's customer register

4. Purpose of the processing of personal data and the register and the basis for keeping the register

The data controller or its authorized partner uses the personal information of customers or potential customers in accordance with the Personal Data Act for the following purposes:
- Managing and developing customer relations
- Provision, delivery and production of goods and services
- Payment, payment control and collection
- Marketing and advertising of the controller's products and services
- Development of the controller's business and services and related customer service development and segmentation and profiling for the above-mentioned purposes

The processing of personal data is based on current personal data legislation, in particular:
- Contractual relationship between RCP Software Oy and a registered person, among others. when the subscriber has entered into an agreement with RCP Software Oy
- the legitimate interest of RCP Software Oy and the proper connection between RCP Software Oy and the registered person, when RCP Software Oy uses registered data for marketing or advertising its products and services.
- the statutory obligation of RCP Software Oy, for example, when RCP Software Oy retains customer's personal data in order to comply with accounting or other mandatory legislation.

The information is retained for as long as is necessary for the purposes defined above.
The customer can also influence the data retention time through the influence given below.
Data retention time: Two years after the last customer contact (such as a call, e-mail, appointment), if there is no contact, data will be deleted from the customer register.

5. Information content of the register

Clients are collected and stored for the purposes of the above for the purposes of collecting personal data, the most extensive of which is:

Customer Information
- name
- Business ID
- customer number
- legal or physical person
- contact information for contact (eg phone number and e-mail address)
- any other information obtained from the consent of the customer and the potential customer who is required to carry out the service requested

Place of use information
- address
- ZIP code
- City

Billing and Payment Transactions
- Invoice address information
- The due date
- Method of invoicing
- Account number
- Details on payments and payment behavior

The aforementioned information is necessary to fulfill an agreement between RCP Software Oy and the customer.

Other Customer Information
- Customer feedback and other contacts
- Customer satisfaction data
- Information on the loyalty and similar systems of the controller and of the cooperating companies and the necessary information to obtain the benefits of the scheme

The above information can be provided to RCP Software Oy if it so wishes.

Information Observed on the Use of Services
- Activities performed on the service, such as visiting a specific page or performing a search
- Time, frequency and duration of the visit
- Browser type and operating system
- Device type, such as a computer or mobile device
- Time and duration of the sitting
- Display resolution and operating system
- An individual identifier, such as a cookie or device ID
- Interaction with communication, such as whether a customer clicked an email sent to him

Other information collected with your consent
- Information derived from the use of services
- Analyzes can be used to determine the potential use of a customer's interest in a discernible use of the service and / or information provided by the customer, or to segment the customer into a particular target group.

Obtained information

RCP Software may use external data sources such as public registers, personal information directories, media or other internet search engines or social media services to update and supplement the above information.

6. Regular sources of information

Customer information is obtained from customers, among others. Orders, Orders, Contracts, and Other Contacts as well as any information that is stored or stored on the use of your services or products.
All customer contacts with RCP Software Oy can be stored. Recordings are used to verify transactions, to handle complaints, and to develop customer service.

7. Regular disclosure of data and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

Information from the RCP Software Oy's customer register is not ordinarily disclosed outside the company without the express consent of the customer. As required by the legislation in force, information may be disclosed to the authorities.
Personal data is transmitted outside the European Union or the European Economic Area only in accordance with the Personal Data Act, for example by standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

8. Principles of registry protection

Information from the customer registry is collected in databases that are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means.
Access to this information is restricted to persons employed by RCP Software Oy or its authorized agents who need information about their work. RCP Software Oy requires its staff and partners to commit to customer confidentiality. They have usernames and passwords. Manual material
will be kept in RCP Software Oy's existing premises locked and supervised.

 9. Registered Rights

The customer has the right, in accordance with the Personal Data Act:
- Check the information about him and request the correction or supplementation of incorrect or incomplete information or remove obsolete information by sending this request in writing and signed to RCP Software Oy or by modifying, supplementing or deleting the information in the application
- To prohibit the use of your information for direct marketing or distance selling by writing or by telephone contacting customer service or by typing the link at the end of the electronic message
- Block or clear cookies from your browser settings or reset the application identifier from your mobile device settings in the Cookie Clause in more detail
- Appeal to the Authority if he or she considers that his or her knowledge has been dealt with in violation of this Privacy Statement and any applicable Personal Data Protection Act.

10. Contacts for Use Rights:

RCP Software Oy
Address: Mustionkatu 2, 20750 Turku

Office of the Data Protection Officer
Postal address: PL 800 00521 Helsinki
Visiting address: Ratapihantie 9, 6th floor 00520 Helsinki
Tel: 029 56 66700

This Privacy Statement is also available at RCP Software Oy at Mustionkatu 2, 20750 Turku.

11. Change the privacy statement

RCP Software Oy continually develops its business and therefore reserves the right to change this privacy statement by notifying it on this page. Changes may also be based on changes in legislation. RCP Software Oy recommends that registered people read the privacy statement regularly.

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